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                   Make a Website $600 Essay Program  

Here at , We thrive to help the beginners create a blog in easy, time-savvy way. Continuing the same courtesy, we are bringing a $600 Scholarship program to help the students and encourage them to make the internet a better place.

We are limiting any restrictions and allowing any of the students to take part in this program. That said, we would more recommend it to those who enjoy the process and are actually passionate about it.

You could email us the Applications and Queries, or use the contact form.

If you think you can create unique content around the topic- How to market your website that is both fun and interesting, you could be a winner!

Continue below if you are excited about it.  

Who can participate in this program?

While there aren’t many limitations to enter our program; we do want the students to be genuinely interested and have the following-

  • Should be enrolled or accepted in a University/College in 2018-19 session
  • Have a Passion and interest in online world
  • You should have a 2.8 GPA

How to Apply

Simply send a unique write-up in around 1000-1500 words on any topic featuring Website marketing, i.e. Unique ways to market your website in online world.

Try to create a blog piece that is both interesting and valuable.

Send over the following script to us via email

  • Your Full Name
  • University/College at which you are enrolled
  • Subject
  • Contact details (email address and phone number)
  • Essay/Content application
  • Would like to get the reward via Check or PayPal

                             Deadline and details- 

Last date for submitting your application is September 2nd 2018

Winners will be announced by December 27 2018.

Reward ​​​​would be send via Check/Paypal to the selected winner.

We run Scholarship program on yearly basis, i.e. every year.

Note: We reserve all rights over the submitted content to Change/use it in any way.